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Planning Your Trip to Middlebrook's Facility

We highly recommend you do NOT follow your GPS blindly!!
Route 125 is not safe for horse trailers!!
Please look below for the best way to the farm, Thank you!!

Getting to Middlebrook

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From New Hampshire: 

There are a variety of ways to get to our farm however we advise caution when using the routes 100 off I-89 to 125 through the Green Mountains in winter unless weather permits or you have advanced trailer handling abilities. 


We recommend using route 4 off of I-89 in Woodstock to route 7 north in Rutland. 


You can also use I-89 to Burlington and picking up route 7 south in South Burlington. While this route is longer it can be best is inclement weather.

Farm Traffic Flow for  Horse & Trailer Arrival and Departure
Caution: Middlebrook is a working farm so please be alert for horses,  tractors and other farm equipment while on or near the facility.
Speed Limit is 10MPH on the property!

Where to Stay

Middlebrook is 15 minutes from Middlebury and 45 minutes from Burlington. Both have lodging available and there are some B&B's in between. The town of Vergennes has shopping and food options and is 10 minutes from the farm. 



Vergennes (10 minutes)

Middlebury (15 minutes)

Shelburne (30 minutes)

South Burlington (40-50 minutes)






South Burlington


Tack Shops:

Green Mountain Tack (10 min)

Middlebury Agway (10 min)


Equine Vets:

Balanced Rhythms Inc.

Drs. Matt Rose and Molly Witters

4295 Vt Route 22a Bridport, VT 05734 

Phone: (802) 758-2545


Burlington Equine Veterinary Service

248 Plouffe Lane Charlotte, VT   05445 (802) 425-5454 



Wayne Albert


Our Peaceful valley at 5am under a full moon

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