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Meet our Friesians

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Shanna van de Benninger (Kroon Mare)

Shanna is the pride of Middlebrook. Originally from one of the de Boer family farms (Benninger) in The Netherlands, Shanna has been with us for several years. At 11 years old she is a skilled dressage horse who along with Middlebrook's own Annemarie rides at dressage level 1 and training in level 2. Among her many keuring achievements Shanna was the 2014 Iron Springs IBOP champion. Her calm and majestic personality makes her a joy to work with. Shanna really is one of a kind.


Tsjerk 328 x Lute 304

Mare: Chantal Stb Ster

Skills: Dressage 

Keuring Results:

2015: Kroon Mare, Reserve Mare Champion, Overall Reserve Champion of the Day

2014: Kroon Mare, Champion Mare, Overall Champion of the Day


Photography     Video

Romy van de Benninger (Stb Ster & Brood Mare)

Romy is one of the sweetest and most affectionate horses you will ever meet. Originally from the Benninger farm in The Netherlands, Romy has been one of Middlebrook's finest all around mares. She is a great driving mare that loves to work!! Working on trying for a Norbert baby!!!


Folkert 353 x Piter 312

Mare: Korina Stb Ster

Skills: Dressage Training Level 1, Driving




Lisa van de Benninger (Brood Mare)

Lisa, a 13 year old mare is the perfect example of a brood mare. Injured in The Netherlands as a foal Lisa is not able to work or drive but has made her place in the Middlebrook herd as a loving and protective brood mare who gives everything she can to her offspring. Lisa is a pack leader and her offspring are equally so. 


Marten 377 x Tsjerk 328

Mare: Marijke van de Benninger Stb Ster

Skills: Brood Mare





Maja fromMiddlebrook Fm (Brood Mare )

Maja, the quiet and calm 3 year old is another one of Middlebrook's brood mares. Pasture mate to Neeltje the two mares are peas in a pod and can usually be found hanging their necks over the pasture fence by the road making them the official ambassadors of Middlebrook for drivers by and farm visitors alike. 


Mintse 384 x Marten 377

Lisa van de Benninger

Skills: Brood Mare




Heiner from Middlebrook Fm (In Loving Memory)

Heiner was in his prime when we lost him unexpectedly in 2013 due to complications from the gelding procedure. Heiner and Annemarie shared a special bond and friendship as they had started their training together. It was a tragic loss but he will forever be in our hearts and memories.



Video: Getting out his yayas

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