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Breeding & Friesians for Sale

Stewards of the Friesian Breed


The Friesian breed runs deep in the de Boer family where we foster an ongoing connection to these magnificent animals. Once a breed that was near extinction, we are committed to ensuring their longevity. Our horse's bloodlines are 100% Dutch, registered, and keuring verified. As a small family farm we breed in limited numbers with an emphasis on quality that ensures the finest traits of the traditional Friesian breed shine through.

Our Breeding Program

Breeding at Middlebrook is a labor of love. Foaling fewer Friesians a season, great care is taken to select from studs that we feel demonstrate the finest traits of the Friesian breed.  

While Middlebrook is currently selling horses that are on hand at our farm, contact us if you are interested in purchasing a future foal. Middlebrook is open to selective breeding from our mares on a contract basis. 

2021 Foal Availability!!

Maja from Middlebrook
(Mintse 384 x Marten 344
Neeltje from Middlebrook
(Sipke 450 x Tsjerk 328)
Hessel 480 
(Norbert 444 x Jelke 367)
Available Horses
Note: Listings are kept updated and are available unless noted under deposit or moved to the sold section.
2011 Jelmer from Middlebrook Fm (Gelding)
2016 Keuring: 2nd Premie & Gelding Reserve Champion

Jelmer has been driving for 5 years and goes as a single or double.  At 16 hands, Jelmer is fit, forward thinking, and posses a wonderful work ethic. Super fun personality, is the type that would enjoy sharing lunch with you, always aims to please and is a very quick learner. Will make a fun Dressage horse and is a super driver! Has the talent to go far with right training! 

Jelmer has had a keratoma removed from this left front coffin joint in early 2016. Surgery was completed by Rood & Riddle of Saratoga New York. He has made a full and successful recovery. He is currently sound, and is ready to be more developed by his new owner. Up to date on everything and handles very well. Please contact us for more details!


Sape 381 x Folkert 353

Dam: Romy van de Benninger

Skills: Driving, Dressage, Intro 

Price: $40,000USD

2011 Neeltje from Middlebrook Fm (Mare)
2011 Keuring:2nd Premie & Filly Champion
2016 Keuring: 3rd Premie & Reserve Champion Mare

Neeltje is a mare entering her prime. At 5 years old she continues to grow and fill out as she anxiously awaits her chance to enter a training program. As the daughter of Shanna, she is already demonstrating the same intelligence, energy, affection, majesty, and playfulness that makes her unique. 

If you are looking for a horse to make your own and like the Baroque look of a traditional Friesian then Neeltje is for you. She has tremendous potential for driving, dressage, trails, or pleasure riding. Her pedigree would make for an outstanding brood mare as well.


Sipke 450 x Tsjerk 328

Mare: Shanna van de Benninger

Skills: Started Driving, light saddle

Price: $28,000 USD In foal to Hessel 480!!

Douwe from Middlebrook

May 10, 2017

Tjaarda 483 x Marten 377


Updated photo coming soon!!!

Sold Horses

2015 Filly Wikje from Middlebrook Fm

Wikje is a class act and sure to be a mirror image of her mother Romy. Just look over her pictures and you will see the matching footwork, motions, and mannerisms. All of Romy's children have turned out to be wonderful horses and Wikje is off to a great start with her outstanding keuring achievements. 


Born: May 2015

Predigree: Bene 476 x Folkert 353

Mare: Romy van de Benninger

2015 Keured: 2nd Premie, Reserve Filly Champion



2015 Filly Wietske from Middlebrook Fm


Wietske is all about spunk. Like her mother Lisa, she is showing all the signs of a leader with an adventerous heart. Wietske would rather investigate and challenge than run and hide. She is already looking to work, learn, and bond with a forever owner. Come watch her frolic and we are certain you will feel the energy from her that we do!


Born: April 2015

Predigree: Bene 476 x Marten 377

Mare: Lisa van de Benninger

2015 Keured: 2nd Premie


2010 Gelding Feitze from Middlebrook Fm 


Feitze is loving his new world with his new mom, Katherine and they are learning together what a great partnership can create!

Pedigree: Mintse 384 x Marten 377

Mare: Lisa van de Benninger

Skills: Dressage Training Level 1, Driving

2017 filly Famke from Middlebrook

Famke has not gone far as she is loving her new family that lives close by! 

Pedigree: Bene 476 x Minste 384

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